Games in bed

People like to play while making love. Do not underestimate the importance of laughter as a stimulator of your desire and the variety of caresses that you give to each other. To enhance passion in foreplay, couples play in a variety of games. Very popular poker for undressing, but there are also many other games that might suit you.

Skilful Handles

Hands have over 72,000 nerve endings and possess highly sensitive receptors. Concentrate erotic sensations on the touch of your hands, and not on visual information and sounds. In silence, with your eyes closed, caress each other and concentrate your attention on the touch of your hands, which simultaneously give and perceive sensual tactile sensations.

Changing clothes

If you like to have sex, playing a role, there are costumes for every fantasy. The most popular costume for sexual role-playing games is uniform for men and women, but clothes for sex, of course, this is not limited to. There are fairy costumes for women and jinn suits for men who want to fulfill any wishes of their partner, as well as costumes of evil witches and sorcerers who want to prevent it.

Leather suits and suits of “gentlemen” and “slaves”, as well as fancy dresses and suits of superheroes are very popular.

There are also different types of underwear, from men’s beach stripes with a banana-shaped member cover to women’s swimming trunks with a cunnilingus instruction written on the front, followed by a down arrow with the inscription “go in here”. These things are sold in sex shops and novelty stores and can be funny gifts to your: lover, with whom you want to spend an amusing night of love.

Do not be afraid of experiments often flirt with each other, play different sexual role-playing games during seduction, foreplay and sexual intercourse.

Sexual fantasies in life

Think up for him an erotic tale.

Do not hesitate and do not ask: “Why or why?”. Just do it. Think up your erotic tale. Believe me, every man likes to listen to a vulgar story, especially when all his sexual wishes are used in it, which are difficult to implement. By this you show that you are ready for much to satisfy it. There are two correct ways to create a similar story:

to invent your own story, where you can realize any erotic movements and wishes;

to use an already existing fairy tale, but to remake it for yourself, change a few parameters, I assure you that even if he has already heard it, your partner has received tremendous pleasure hearing it from you.

  Time of fantasy!

It is known for certain that any man met such a woman whom he would like to sleep with, he could not because he was busy. So help him to realize his dreams. The method is not the most pleasant for some girls, but believe me very effective. The guy is still yours, you just need to give him a chance to try “like” another woman. You can arrange a room where there is no light and invite him to wait. At this time, you change your image and come to him in a dark room. Talk to him slowly and whisper to give the moment of sexuality. Believe, after that you can do with your man whatever you want, he is only yours, this erotic game before sex is very effective.

Have a sexy picnic.

The first thing you need to decorate the room and remove all unnecessary, so as not to be distracted. You can leave some light, or put candles. Then turn on the relaxing music and make something sexy. The best strawberry is with whipped cream or chocolate. It’s not so important, it’s very important how you present it all. There are also two ways:

As I mentioned earlier, you can cut fruit and anoint yourself with cream or chocolate, place products on yourself, and then give your partner the opportunity to lick everything off himself.

Role playing games in sex

Role games are a useful way to bring variety to the sex life, to experience a strong orgasm, to have sex in an unusual place, pose, suit.

The maid and young master

The girl depicts a maid who works in a rich house. There is also a son-slacker who dirtyly solicits a maid in the course of her work. The maid is trying to refuse, but can not not lose her job.

The secretary

In this game, the lecherous boss depresses his secretary with sexual harassment. Well-trained secretary, a professional in his field, must fulfill all the wishes of his boss.

As an option – the secretary is a debaucher. She pestered her boss when he read business correspondence. Or, in a business suit without underwear, brings him coffee, climbs under the table and makes a blowjob.

Call Girl

You are a prostitute’s costume – as vulgar as possible, with the same make-up. The essence of the game – you execute for money all the instructions of the man who took you down. Discuss the price of your services, the time and the limits allowed in advance. If a man asks for anal, add a price. Be sure to use a condom, even if in normal life you have unprotected sex.

And in the end do not forget to take the money – then the game will be over

Depraved Nurse

You fulfill the doctor’s prescription. Change them or you can not challenge neither you nor the patient – so the doctor prescribed. Perform hygiene procedures. Go as far as you can – shave, make an enema. No “A may not be necessary?”. About blowjob in advance to report is not necessary – it is necessary, and that’s it!

As a medical procedure, prostate massage is ideal. Make it a finger or a special massager. Also it is useful, and the man will receive enchanting orgasm.

Scenarios of role-playing games


Here you play the role of a young girl who does not know anything about sex. It is important to dress vulgarly, to behave deliberately, to pretend that you are 100 years in sex.

Your beloved plays the role of tutor. You need to follow his recommendations, while clapping your eyes wide open and exclaiming “what an oddity you have with me!” For whatever reason and without reason.

The night Watch

The essence of this game: one partner is an offender, the second is a sentinel. The sentinel chooses the violation itself, for example, one can not sit on some chair, or watch a certain channel. Once the violation happens – the intruder is subjected to humiliating interrogation with undressing. Then follows sexual punishment.


In this game, one is a policeman, the second is an offender on interrogation. Here, the policeman seizes the offender and binds him, or cuffs him in handcuffs and interrogates the “good / evil cop” scheme. If the intruder resists – at will, you can apply “torture” – nipple clamps, light flogging, forced blowjob.


This game is suitable if you do not mind sex three together. In it, one person is invisible and can not hear for a couple. He can approach and do whatever he wants. The couple should not react to him at all. It can stroking, blowjob, penetration into one of the partners. In this case, you can not show your reaction – neither to the one caressed, nor to the one who watches.

Before the webcam

There is a lot of room for imagination here. Partners are in front of Web cameras and do whatever they want. For example, one tells the other what to do – how to caress. It is very exciting to watch masturbation with sex toys. Very cool as an introduction of a vibrator, and anal stimulators. A man can use masturbators in front of a webcam, or have sex with a rubber doll, discussing it with a partner on the other side of the screen.

Or with the help of the webcam you can do joint masturbation, watching each other. This technique is similar to the technique of sex in front of a mirror.

Sex with the phone

Here you can arrange banal sex on the phone – to call and conduct sexual conversations. Or take short videos and send to each other. Or do photos of intimate places or sexual activities, such as masturbation, the introduction of auxiliary items – toothbrush, banana, carrots.

Sexual games that refresh the relationship

If your sex began to seem to you monotonous, you can resort to simple games for two.


You will need four men’s ties or special leather handcuffs from a sex shop.

Your partner ties you by the arms and legs to the bed and does whatever it pleases. (No, no, does not sit at the computer to play online toys!).

How it works: the feeling of helplessness of the “captive” causes excitement in both partners – both from the subordinate and from the dominant one. This game works great both ways, you can tie your man and it’s for him, with a good likelihood, like it too. Blind and Naked

You will need a scarf or mask to close your eyes and tie for binding

Tie your man on a bed or on a chair and tie his eyes. Then caress it slowly-slowly. Watch out for the degree of his arousal, at some point you can untie him and let you pounce on you or bring him to orgasm without untying.

How it works: this is another option of sensory deprivation. Any restrictions, be it deprivation of eye contact or tying, cause a person to concentrate on their sensations. Like all other sex games for two, it works both ways.

The bomb with the clockwork

You need a timer. Set the timer for 20 minutes (or any other time of your choice). Before the call you are allowed to do with each other anything, except the intrusion itself.

How it works: couples who are in a long relationship, from some point start to neglect the petting and preliminary caresses. With the help of this game you can again enjoy what you have already forgotten.