Sexual fantasies in life

Think up for him an erotic tale.

Do not hesitate and do not ask: “Why or why?”. Just do it. Think up your erotic tale. Believe me, every man likes to listen to a vulgar story, especially when all his sexual wishes are used in it, which are difficult to implement. By this you show that you are ready for much to satisfy it. There are two correct ways to create a similar story:

to invent your own story, where you can realize any erotic movements and wishes;

to use an already existing fairy tale, but to remake it for yourself, change a few parameters, I assure you that even if he has already heard it, your partner has received tremendous pleasure hearing it from you.

  Time of fantasy!

It is known for certain that any man met such a woman whom he would like to sleep with, he could not because he was busy. So help him to realize his dreams. The method is not the most pleasant for some girls, but believe me very effective. The guy is still yours, you just need to give him a chance to try “like” another woman. You can arrange a room where there is no light and invite him to wait. At this time, you change your image and come to him in a dark room. Talk to him slowly and whisper to give the moment of sexuality. Believe, after that you can do with your man whatever you want, he is only yours, this erotic game before sex is very effective.

Have a sexy picnic.

The first thing you need to decorate the room and remove all unnecessary, so as not to be distracted. You can leave some light, or put candles. Then turn on the relaxing music and make something sexy. The best strawberry is with whipped cream or chocolate. It’s not so important, it’s very important how you present it all. There are also two ways:

As I mentioned earlier, you can cut fruit and anoint yourself with cream or chocolate, place products on yourself, and then give your partner the opportunity to lick everything off himself.