Scenarios of role-playing games


Here you play the role of a young girl who does not know anything about sex. It is important to dress vulgarly, to behave deliberately, to pretend that you are 100 years in sex.

Your beloved plays the role of tutor. You need to follow his recommendations, while clapping your eyes wide open and exclaiming “what an oddity you have with me!” For whatever reason and without reason.

The night Watch

The essence of this game: one partner is an offender, the second is a sentinel. The sentinel chooses the violation itself, for example, one can not sit on some chair, or watch a certain channel. Once the violation happens – the intruder is subjected to humiliating interrogation with undressing. Then follows sexual punishment.


In this game, one is a policeman, the second is an offender on interrogation. Here, the policeman seizes the offender and binds him, or cuffs him in handcuffs and interrogates the “good / evil cop” scheme. If the intruder resists – at will, you can apply “torture” – nipple clamps, light flogging, forced blowjob.


This game is suitable if you do not mind sex three together. In it, one person is invisible and can not hear for a couple. He can approach and do whatever he wants. The couple should not react to him at all. It can stroking, blowjob, penetration into one of the partners. In this case, you can not show your reaction – neither to the one caressed, nor to the one who watches.

Before the webcam

There is a lot of room for imagination here. Partners are in front of Web cameras and do whatever they want. For example, one tells the other what to do – how to caress. It is very exciting to watch masturbation with sex toys. Very cool as an introduction of a vibrator, and anal stimulators. A man can use masturbators in front of a webcam, or have sex with a rubber doll, discussing it with a partner on the other side of the screen.

Or with the help of the webcam you can do joint masturbation, watching each other. This technique is similar to the technique of sex in front of a mirror.

Sex with the phone

Here you can arrange banal sex on the phone – to call and conduct sexual conversations. Or take short videos and send to each other. Or do photos of intimate places or sexual activities, such as masturbation, the introduction of auxiliary items – toothbrush, banana, carrots.