Clash of Cunts full review

Buckle up, folks, do I have a hentai game for you! Clash of Cunts is one of the best free games out there that also lets you see hot women getting nailed. You are a part of a clan of real live people, you are battling real live people, it’s super easy to get rewarded and upgrade the women in your group—I’m not kidding when I say it’s one of the best. The game is imaginative and fun and just beautiful to look at. But let’s take a closer at the game before we go much farther.


So, there’s actually an interesting story that’s brought up at the very beginning of the Hooligapps game. You have been cryogenically frozen for 30 years and wake up when a bunch of sex clones have sex with your body. Already balls to the wall with this story. They tell you that they are sustained by semen, so you continue to have sex with you while they tell you what’s happened. Basically, it’s the end of the world and people have divided themselves into clans. All of the men are now impotent, and the women are all barren. Your job is to build a clan to fight the others. That’s the story.
What’s sad is the story doesn’t come up in the levels themselves. I didn’t advance far enough to learn more about the story, but the parts that I did learn were interesting and made me want to come back for more.


Let’s get the basics out of the before I start gushing about my favorite part. Like most hentai games, you have a stack of cards with beautiful women on them. These women are your fighters. The more of their cards that you collect, the more you can upgrade them. The more they upgrade, the less clothes that they wear. In a fight you have an oil reserve. This refills slowly during the battle, except during the last minute where it kicks into over drive. Each girl requires a certain amount of oil in order to be used at any given time. The defend your guard towers and fortress and try to defeat the enemies and destroy their stuff.

Very easy, very straight forward game. Now let’s talk about the best part.
You’re playing with and against other people. This changes the whole game. In other games, it becomes very easy to predict what the computers are going to. You have no idea what another person is going do or how they are going to react to what you do. That takes the game to a whole new level because you’re never going to get the same person twice and that means you can’t memorize the patterns. You’re constantly learning and adapting your strategy to win the situation.

One of my other favorite parts is you can interact with the person. Wishing them luck or maybe a bit of trash talk, but you can interact. You can also join clans with other people and fight to the top. I just think that this game is amazing overall in it’s game play and a lot of work went into the development.


I think the graphics work really well. I like that you can go through and see your different cards and all the girl look different. I love that there are some bigger, more muscular women in the deck. That’s not something you tend to see in these games. Usually it’s the big boobed, tiny waisted girls that you see in hentai. The girls appeal to all different types all of them have different skills, the cards are beautifully done.

The maps that you play are a little more pixilated than what I’m used to, but it gives it a certain charm, you know? I think the lay out is pretty easy to follow and all the basic motions the girls have are done well. Will definitely bring nostalgia to some 90’s kids.


The business model is like any other that you’ve seen in other games. You can buy extra advancements by buying gems (why is it always gems in games that you have to buy? Why not like candy or something like that?) with real money. The only issue with the game is…you don’t really need to buy anything. Like it’s so easy for you to earn your prizes and if you’re patient, then you don’t need to spend a single cent on this game.
If you want to spend some money, they have pretty decent prices and their always some sort of deal going on so you can save a few bucks here and there. Not the end of the world, but nothing really special to report on the business model.


I really liked the music on this game. It had more percussion instruments compared to several other games, but I think that worked to their advantage with the mix of gun fire and fighting noises from your girls. It got my blood going and was just a lot of fun. Especially when you’re in the middle of a battle. The drums get your heart pounding and your mind racing and you’re ready to beat your opponent.


I would love to go on and on and on about all the amazing sexual photos and videos that you get to see in this game. There’s one issue. Other than the sex scene at the beginning and getting to undress your cards as you upgrade them… there’s little to no hentai in this game. It’s definitely an issue given that, well, it’s a hentai game. And it’s lacking in the hentai itself. I personally don’t have an issue with that because the game is really interesting, but I can see how some people would feel like this is a cop out or get mad.


Let’s talk about this before you go: is this a good hentai game?
It’s complicated. Well, more accurately it’s a matter of preference for the player. If you’re looking for hentai, you might want to look elsewhere. You definitely get to see a lot of boobs and there’s the scene at the beginning of you getting to screw women. But has a hentai game, it’s definitely lacking in the hentai department.
If you’re just looking for an interesting game to play, then log on today! As a whole, the game is awesome! It’s totally different from other games because you’re actively playing against other people across the world which means you’re never going to see the same strategy twice. It makes you think on your toes, it’s super easy to earn rewards, upgrading your girls is really easy, there’s little to no need to go through and buy anything from the store… and if you’re not really there for the hentai, then it’s just a nice little added bonus for you. One of these players wins more than the other I would say.
This game as a game is one of the best. It’s only lacking in the sex part. I don’t think that should count against the game. Try it for yourself today and draw your own conclusion today!