Games in bed

People like to play while making love. Do not underestimate the importance of laughter as a stimulator of your desire and the variety of caresses that you give to each other. To enhance passion in foreplay, couples play in a variety of games. Very popular poker for undressing, but there are also many other games that might suit you.

Skilful Handles

Hands have over 72,000 nerve endings and possess highly sensitive receptors. Concentrate erotic sensations on the touch of your hands, and not on visual information and sounds. In silence, with your eyes closed, caress each other and concentrate your attention on the touch of your hands, which simultaneously give and perceive sensual tactile sensations.

Changing clothes

If you like to have sex, playing a role, there are costumes for every fantasy. The most popular costume for sexual role-playing games is uniform for men and women, but clothes for sex, of course, this is not limited to. There are fairy costumes for women and jinn suits for men who want to fulfill any wishes of their partner, as well as costumes of evil witches and sorcerers who want to prevent it.

Leather suits and suits of “gentlemen” and “slaves”, as well as fancy dresses and suits of superheroes are very popular.

There are also different types of underwear, from men’s beach stripes with a banana-shaped member cover to women’s swimming trunks with a cunnilingus instruction written on the front, followed by a down arrow with the inscription “go in here”. These things are sold in sex shops and novelty stores and can be funny gifts to your: lover, with whom you want to spend an amusing night of love.

Do not be afraid of experiments often flirt with each other, play different sexual role-playing games during seduction, foreplay and sexual intercourse.