Role playing games in sex

Role games are a useful way to bring variety to the sex life, to experience a strong orgasm, to have sex in an unusual place, pose, suit.

The maid and young master

The girl depicts a maid who works in a rich house. There is also a son-slacker who dirtyly solicits a maid in the course of her work. The maid is trying to refuse, but can not not lose her job.

The secretary

In this game, the lecherous boss depresses his secretary with sexual harassment. Well-trained secretary, a professional in his field, must fulfill all the wishes of his boss.

As an option – the secretary is a debaucher. She pestered her boss when he read business correspondence. Or, in a business suit without underwear, brings him coffee, climbs under the table and makes a blowjob.

Call Girl

You are a prostitute’s costume – as vulgar as possible, with the same make-up. The essence of the game – you execute for money all the instructions of the man who took you down. Discuss the price of your services, the time and the limits allowed in advance. If a man asks for anal, add a price. Be sure to use a condom, even if in normal life you have unprotected sex.

And in the end do not forget to take the money – then the game will be over

Depraved Nurse

You fulfill the doctor’s prescription. Change them or you can not challenge neither you nor the patient – so the doctor prescribed. Perform hygiene procedures. Go as far as you can – shave, make an enema. No “A may not be necessary?”. About blowjob in advance to report is not necessary – it is necessary, and that’s it!

As a medical procedure, prostate massage is ideal. Make it a finger or a special massager. Also it is useful, and the man will receive enchanting orgasm.