Sexual games that refresh the relationship

If your sex began to seem to you monotonous, you can resort to simple games for two.


You will need four men’s ties or special leather handcuffs from a sex shop.

Your partner ties you by the arms and legs to the bed and does whatever it pleases. (No, no, does not sit at the computer to play online toys!).

How it works: the feeling of helplessness of the “captive” causes excitement in both partners – both from the subordinate and from the dominant one. This game works great both ways, you can tie your man and it’s for him, with a good likelihood, like it too. Blind and Naked

You will need a scarf or mask to close your eyes and tie for binding

Tie your man on a bed or on a chair and tie his eyes. Then caress it slowly-slowly. Watch out for the degree of his arousal, at some point you can untie him and let you pounce on you or bring him to orgasm without untying.

How it works: this is another option of sensory deprivation. Any restrictions, be it deprivation of eye contact or tying, cause a person to concentrate on their sensations. Like all other sex games for two, it works both ways.

The bomb with the clockwork

You need a timer. Set the timer for 20 minutes (or any other time of your choice). Before the call you are allowed to do with each other anything, except the intrusion itself.

How it works: couples who are in a long relationship, from some point start to neglect the petting and preliminary caresses. With the help of this game you can again enjoy what you have already forgotten.